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Curation at saffron

Instead of pills, we believe in providing herbal plants, leaves, etc for the betterment of the body. We believe in including nature cure in your everyday life as your everyday life process. We not only give medical treatment for Ill individual but we also take care that the human body does not get ill and stays healthy and strong for life long. i.e we believe in giving remedy instead of medicine. 

Hear from our patients

I use to had a pressure problem, it was around 160 but due to the Saffron Healthy Food and diet plan, I have successfully cured it. I also had diabetes and now it's cured and long gone due to Saffron Healthy Food.
Mr. Dilip Bhavsar
I had to have constant headache problem, pressure problem & on top of that I also had very high sugar (diabetes). but now I'm fit and fine and that is all thanks to the diet prescribed by Dr.Mona Patel & Saffron Healthy Food.
Mrs. Geetaben Bhavsar
Since 6 years I was having a Hyperthyroid issue but due to a healthy diet and lifestyle suggested by saffron I've been successfully able to control the very issue.
Thank you, Saffron.
Mrs. Parwati


It’s not only writing of RX but here at saffron, we do a consultation with counseling of individuals related to family stress problems, diseases, mental health, mind, body & soul. We do not only treat the symptoms but we treat the problem from the root cause i.e permanent solution of any health issues as per the principle of naturopathy we treat with the help of five elements of nature that is Agni, Jal, Vaayu, Pruthvi, & Aakash.

At saffron we do the scientific way of treatment i.e. patient’s latest health status necessary blood reports & other tests we plan systematic line of treatment with regular follow-ups, starting with detox, customized diet consultation home therapies exercised Pranayam & yoga. With the help of fresh herbs gradually targeted on ongoing medications if any proper test reports finally we always get the best & positive result from our satisfied patients. We always target the highest index of happiness & satisfaction.


We conduct our online appointments from monday to saturday 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm every evening

For the first appointment/consultation charges are Rs. 650 and for the follow up is charged Rs. 200 (if you continue it regularly the charges will be 200 per session and if discontinue for the span of 5 months then the charges will be Rs. 650 )

The diet plan will be provided by our well experienced naturopath doctor who have been practicing naturopathy since last 15 years in Mumbai and has cured over 1 lakh patients.

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